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Tami L

English, ACT, SAT, Social Studies Tutor

Mount Vernon Nazarene College

Majors: Music Education

Minors: Elementary Education

About Me



I believe students are best served when they are provided a solid education in mathematics, reading, history, grammar, spelling, and science. In addition, music, art, physical education and spiritual training help to shape character. When children are given opportunities to explore their areas of interest, channeled and challenged to excel in them, I believe they develop a passion for learning which will serve them throughout their lifetime.


My education began with reading, singing, and an array of social experiences that sparked my passion for learning. I attended public schools in different parts of the Midwest, as my family moved frequently. I graduated from a private University where I received a broad liberal arts education, including teacher-preparation experiences in both rural and urban settings. Since graduating, I have continued to seek further training and growth through reading, conferences, and participation in professional organizations.


I taught public school music for grades K-12, was a Middle School/High School Choral Director and 6th and 7th Language arts. I created and implemented a music-class program for home school families.


I have been involved in music and theater since elementary school and continue to perform in my community. I have traveled the US throughout my life and enjoy American historical sites. I lead music and teach Bible studies for my church. I also enjoy creative arts such as sewing, upholstery, and textile art.
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