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Tim C

Math, Science, ACT, SAT Tutor

University of California: Los Angeles

Majors: Physics

Other Certificates: Ph.D: Physics; MS: Physics

About Me



I love to show young people (as with my own children) the importance and correct use of math and physics in real-life applications, especially in times where math and physics are often overlooked in our education. My approach has always been (1) understanding the why (the concepts), (2) know the how (tools and methods), (3) do it right (solve correctly the problems) and take it to the next level (think it through, practice, and apply the skills to similar/future problems). My goal is to help young people master math and physics from principle to applications as their needs require.

I tailor my teaching to student’s need, resources, priority on the concept or problem solving or both. I am detail minded, interactive, and flexible in working with students ranging from high/middle-school to college/university. I pay close attention to student’s needs, learning progress, and make necessary adjustments for best results.


I received my PhD from University of California: Los Angeles. My other degrees MS/BS are also in Physics. I started my physics major in Zhejiang University which was and still is top 3 universities in China after passing the entrance exam which qualified only 1% who participated. I came to the US as a graduate student in Physics, first to California State University Northridge. After receiving my MS in Physics, I went on to University of California Los Angeles to complete my PhD program in Physics. I was a postdoctoral research associate with Univeristy of Illinois at Urbana Champaigh after I received my PhD degree.


I was a research professor in University of Arizona (1990-1992), a lecturer and assistant professor in Physics in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (1992-1995) and taught undergraduate physics courses.


I was the silver medalist at Arizona Grand Canyon Games 1998 Badminton Men’s Single, and silver medalist at Southwest Senior Olympics 2014 Badminton Men’s double. As a volunteer, I was an assistant to Coach Kate for the Corona Del Sol high school badminton team in Chandler, AZ.
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