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    SchoolTutoring Academy’s Biochemistry tutoring program is designed to build a strong foundation in Biochem by covering major concepts while also providing the flexibility to focus on individual topics that need further explanation. This program supplements course material with illustrative reference material to bring in more clarity when teaching complex concepts.

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    Working with Our Biochemistry Tutors

    Our program includes lesson plans that cover the following:

    • Chemicals and their elements
    • The main classes of biochemicals
    • Biochemical structures, functions and processes
    • How biochemistry relates to other biological sciences
    • The metabolic process including how food is converted for energy
    • How hereditary characteristics are transmitted
    • The chemical changes of cells and their overall complexity
    • The effects it has on all living things including plants, humans and animals

    Work One-on-One with a Tutor

    We have found that students benefit immensely from personalized tutoring that addresses their needs. Large tutoring centers teach to a room full of students at various levels of understanding. Our Biochemistry tutors work in a one-on-one environment in order to devote their entire lesson to the individual student. This also means the session moves at the student’s pace so the tutor can quickly address topics that the student grasps and focus on topics they need additional assistance with. And we offer tutoring help when you need it, seven-days-a-week, by making it easy to schedule a tutoring session when and where it is convenient.

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