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Albany District and Curriculum

In Albany, the New York State Learning Standards guides the curriculum for all subjects, establishing a framework for learning within each subject from kindergarten through high school graduation. The Learning Standards provide the learning expectations, however teachers are able to choose their own instructional approaches and districts can adopt texts they choose. The Regent’s Exam and formal assessments students take have been developed based upon the expectations in the NYS Learning Standards.

We currently cover the following Albany-area school district: City School District of Albany.

Schools in Albany include:

Montessori Magnet Elementary School is located on 45 Tremont St, Albany, NY 12205, Montessori Magnet Elementary School covers grades Kindergarten-8. Contact Montessori Magnet Elementary School at 518-475-6675. Montessori Magnet Elementary School provides an alternative style of education that prioritizes discovery and exploration. The child is viewed as a naturally curious individual, and instruction is given at the pace of each individual. Additionally, the classrooms are mixed age and rely heavily on visual and kinesthetic aids. The main goal is to encourage self-directed and active learning. Younger students are inspired to ask questions and the older students are encouraged to answer, thereby cementing their own learning. The learning occurs with the help of classroom guides, which take the place of a traditional teacher. The guides will suggest things and facilitate the “freedom within limits” ideology surrounding the school. Click here to get started on our tutoring program.

William S. Hackett Middle School is located on 45 Delaware Ave, Albany, NY 12202, William S. Hackett Middle School covers grades 6-8. Contact William S. Hackett Middle School at 518-475-6475. William S. Hackett Middle School was built in 1926 and was named after the mayor of Albany in office at the time. It was then overhauled and reopened in 2008, and all the ceramic tiles and windows were restored to their former glory. The students at William S. Hackett Middle School receive education on all the core subjects: math, science, and language, as well as some supplemental instruction on health, music, and physical education. In math, students will receive instruction on topics such as numerical literacy, geometry, and trigonometry, with the aim of promoting the students’ mathematical intuition and problem solving abilities. In science, students will explore topics such as cell biology, the water cycle, and electricity, with the goal of building foundational knowledge to be expanded on later in high school. Finally, students will be instructed on more advanced language topics such as prefixes and suffixes, adjectives, adverbs, and context clues for determining meaning.

Albany High School is located on 700 Washington Ave, Albany, NY 12203, Albany High School covers grades 9 – 12. Contact Albany High School at 518-475-6200. Albany High School is a very old establishment, having been founded in 1868, and having arrived at its current address in 1974. The school is separated into four “academies” – factions with different learning goals in mind. One prioritizes critical thinking, another prioritizes the arts, another prioritizes STEM fields, and the fourth focuses on leadership skills. There are also two associated institutions that offer focus on other areas, such as culinary arts, construction, and automotive technology. Albany High School also provides International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP) programs, which are designed to prepare students for university and college not only on a local scale, but on a global one too. Students from this school are competitive, and this school works hard to prepare its students for SATs and ACTs

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Albany District Curriculum

The goals set forth are to provide a basic foundation of knowledge, skills and strategies to employ processes to solve problems, and to understand how ideas connect. The more innovative or advanced programs offered in middle and high school often take an inter-disciplinary approach or call upon students to be able to use their critical thinking skills to delve deeply into one topic. This curriculum design attends to all the learning areas so that students are prepared for these opportunities.

Mathematics, Science, and Technology have a joint curriculum that oversees the processes of mathematical analysis, scientific inquiry, and engineering design. Students are expected to become proficient in the technology of information systems and develop an understanding of how it relates to principles related to math, science, and engineering. The expectations call for students to do inter-disciplinary work in these areas and to look for common themes.

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I believe that learning happens optimally when students feel challenged and supported. I aim to provide an environment in which the student feels comfortable, safe, and supported, yet challenged to the extent of his or her abilities. In order to establish this safe learning zone, I focus on positive reinforcement, genuine interaction, and confidence building.
As an avid reader and a learner, I believe that the purpose of education is to constantly question the status quo, to approach tasks objectively and to continue learning. Our education does not end with a degree, a grade, or a diploma, but is a life-long process and a philosophy that we must practice and cultivate everyday.
I love working with students to get to that “Ah ha!” moment when everything falls into place and they truly understand a concept. I spent 14 years as a problem-solving engineer, yet, my favorite challenge is figuring out how to get the lights on for a particular student. Every student is unique and wonderful, from the ones who “get it” easily to the ones who need it explained again in a different way. I keep trying until we get it right! People who have watched me tutor have said that I’m the most patient and creative teacher that they’ve ever seen.

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Albany Area Educational News

  • Magnet Schools - Throughout the district, students have the opportunity to apply into Magnet Schools which have been established to support students' learning goals and interests. There are programs for elementary, middle, and high school students in areas like the creative arts, global knowledge, technology, sciences, and engineering. The programs provide students with a small community of students interested in similar topics and who are able to collaborate on projects which support each other's learning.
  • Program Initiatives - The school district is in a continual process of seeking improved offerings, programs, and resources for their students. The grants and programs being developed are all in areas that the district sees as essential for the full preparation of its students to enter the global economy. Grants and initiatives to increase technology, the Sciences, the Arts, community participation in education, and the unique opportunities that students encounter at school are all currently underway.
  • Summer Academies - The district offers all students the chance to participate in academic enrichment in subjects that are meant to engage student's curiosity and teach valuable skills. There are programs in forensic science, technology, college preparedness, leadership - in total, there are 11 Academies that students may choose from for a unique learning opportunity.

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SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

About Albany, New York

Located in Albany County, New York, the city of Albany covers roughly 22 square miles (57km2). The population is of Albany is approximately 98,000, and is a part of the Capital District which is  the third most populated district in the state of New York. Named for the Duke of Albany, Albany is the economic and cultural hub of the region, and had the earliest railroads in the world. Recently, the area has seen massive success in the nanotechnology sector, and is home to many research institutions.

The city of Albany was originally founded by Dutch colonists, and was later taken over by the English. The city then served as a hub for transportation and trade, and was one of the largest cities at the time. Albany was also the location of precursor talks to unite the colonies that would later become the United States. Since then, the city of Albany has been home to several universities and research institutions, such as the Albany Medical College and University at Albany. Albany was listed as Forbes fourth best city for jobs in 2012. As of the census of 2010, there were 97,856 people residing in the city. The population had 20.0% under the age of 18, 19.3% from 18 to 24, 29.2% from 25 to 44, 18.1% from 45 to 64, and 13.4% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 31.4 years.

Due to its size and age, Albany is a city that is rich in history and culture. With plenty of museums and places to explore, it is a city that is provides a day filled with fun and learning for families of all sizes and ages.

New York State Museum

Founded in 1836, the New York State Museum offers insight into New York State’s significant biological and cultural diversity, both in times of yore and the current day. This museum is the oldest and largest state museum in the United States, and it houses exhibitions from the nation’s best scientists. Its collection is world renowned, and the museum is home to over 1 million cultural objects and 16 million scientific specimens. Situated at the south end of the Empire State Plaza in Albany, the New York State Museum enthralls visitors from all across the nation. For more information about the museum and their events and hours, please visit their website here.

The Egg Center for the Performing Arts

The Egg was constructed in 1978, and is as much a building as a work of art. The Egg has concrete supports that go six stories deep, and is heavily reinforced for a timeless quality. The Egg is home to two theatres, the Lewis A. Swyer Theatre and the Kitty Carlisle Hart Theatre. The Swyer Theatre is used for concerts, lectures, dance, solo performers, and educational programming. The Hart Theatre is much larger, and is used for musical theatre, dance, and music concerts. The Egg also has an enormous lounge that is commonly used for receptions. For more information and the cost of admission, please visit their website here.
me to many research institutions.

Interesting Facts

  • Albany was believed to be the origin for Santa Claus in North America, the tradition was borrowed from the Dutch colonists that founded the settlement that would become Albany.
  • Alexander Hamilton married Elizabeth Schuyler in the Schuyler Mansion in 1780, which is still open today as a historical site.
  • Theodore Roosevelt would get his daily exercise by running up and down the 77 steps leading up to the Capitol building.
  • Albany is the oldest continuous settlement from the original 13 English colonies.
  • The first plastic compound was invented in Albany, and used for things such as billiard balls and checkers.
  • Albany was also home to the first passenger railroad.
  • When not preoccupied writing, Herman Melville, the author of Moby Dick, was known to spend time in Albany.

Chalk Talk: High School English Language Arts Expectations

By high school students are expected to be able to write documents where they take a position which has been well researched and documented. In reading, high school students must demonstrate grade appropriate understanding of complex literature, be able to both discuss and write reports on the material demonstrating a high level of expository writing skills. Students are asked to write in many forms such as exposition and persuasion, and are expected to develop communication skills in support of their social interactions. In reading, high school students need to show that they can understand complex literature and write about the material.