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Palm Bay, Florida Tutoring Programs

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Palm Bay District and Curriculum

Reading and language arts are incorporated throughout the Brevard Public Schools curriculum. It centers upon six basic skills that students must learn; they are comprehension, fluency, oral language, phonemic awareness, phonics, and vocabulary. Students learn these skills by receiving specific instruction and by being given time to practice. The textbooks chosen for reading are aligned to the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards. If students are not reading at grade level, they are provided with supplemental reading materials. Middle and high school students continue to read both fiction and nonfiction while they develop their skills in researching and writing in several styles.

We currently cover the following Palm Bay-area school districts: Brevard Public Schools.

Schools in Palm Bay include:

Lockmar Elementary School is located on 525 Pepper St. NE Palm Bay, Florida 32907, Lockmar Elementary School covers grades PreK-6 and can be contacted at 321-676-3730. Lockmar Elementary School first opened in 1982, consisting of a 29 acre campus with two permanent buildings. For 9 years in a row, the school has earned an “A” grade ranking from the state of Florida. The school has also been awarded with the Five Star School Award by the Florida Department of Education and the Commissioner’s Community Involvement Council for all the years the award has been given. The award recognizes schools that show excellent community involvement. The school’s motto is “Lockmar, Where Minds Open to the Future”. Like other schools in Florida, the curriculum taught by educators at Lockmar Elementary follows the guidelines set out by the state of Florida’s Next Generation Sunshine State Standards. These standards describe the knowledge and skills students are expected to possess at the end of each grade level. Subjects included in these standards are English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, World Languages, Fine Arts, and Health Education. To find out more about the subject areas SchoolTutoring Academy offers tutoring in, contact us.

Bayside High School is located on 1901 Degroodt Road SW Palm Bay, FL 32908, Bayside High School covers grades 9-12 and can be contacted at 321-956-5000.  Bayside High School first opened in 1998. In the 2016-2017 school year, 1712 students were enrolled at Bayside. The school’s focus is on using collaboration, reflection and technology as tools to help prepare students to excel in the workplace or in post secondary education. In 2007, the school also began an Engineering magnet program called Bayside Engineering and Technology Academy (BETA), and in the 2011-2012 school year, began a new academy called Bayside Fine and Technical Arts Academy. Specialized academies and magnet programs can be a good choice for those who have a keen interest in particular fields. They allow for people to get ahead

Heritage High School is located on 2351 Malabar Rd, Palm Bay, FL 32907, Heritage High School covers grades 9-12 and can be contacted at 321-722-4178.  Heritage High School was founded in 2009. The school is located on its own plot of land covering an area of 65 acres. In the 2016-2017 school year, the enrollment at the school was 1,854 students. Like other schools in Florida, Miami Senior High School follows the educational standards set out by the state of Florida. This means that student take classes in Mathematics, English/Language Arts, Science, and social studies. SchoolTutoring Academy provides tutoring for all subject areas, contact us to learn more.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Palm Bay District Curriculum

In Math, kindergarteners through 6th graders in Brevard Public Schools master numbers, operations, measurement, patterns, place value, decimals, fractions, area, perimeter, equations, angles, ratios, proportions, graphs, and data analysis. In middle school, students expand their math skills by being introduced to algebra, calculus, discrete mathematics, financial literacy, geometry, probability, statistics, and trigonometry. High school students continue their studies in these fields at a deeper level.

Brevard Public Schools’ Science curriculum for K-5th covers the scientific method, laws, theories, models, hypotheses, space, the earth, matter, energy, motion, forces, living organisms, heredity, and reproduction. Middle school students dig deeper into the nature of science, physical science, earth science, astronomy, and life science. In high school, students are allowed more freedom in pursuing scientific fields that they find interesting. They may choose from anatomy and physiology, biology, chemistry, integrated science, physics, and marine science.

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Learning is about asking students the right questions in the right order so that they can come to understanding themselves, rather than having answers handed to them. Good teaching is teaching students to think, not simply reproduce facts.
I believe that each individual student has the potential to something special to the world. I believe that every student should be exposed to the same education and also provided an equal opportunity to learn in a creative way.
I believe students have the ability to learn and reach maximum potential once they understand and learn their learning modality. I have come to the conclusion that no student is slow and all students can learn once they tap into their potential. This gift comes from appropriate teaching and teaching skill.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Palm Bay Educational News

  • District Recognition - Brevard Public Schools has been recognized as a National Top Ten District because it cares about the views of students, parents, and teachers. There were over 9100 surveys submitted in participation of the Annual Speak Up National Research Project.
  • Social Learning - Brevard Public Schools is taking steps to reduce bullying. The Office of Student Services, Home Education, and Students at Risk together with the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center trained select students to take steps to reduce bullying within their schools.
  • Teacher Honors - Three Brevard Public Schools teachers receive Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teachers! Since 1963, this prestigious award has been given to math and science teachers that excel in their fields.

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SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

About Palm Bay, Florida

Palm Bay is located in Brevard County in Florida and is the most populated city in the county. The city is situated near Turkey Creek at the mouth of the Indian river between Orlando and Miami. According to the United States Census bureau, the city covers a total area of 68.8 square miles. In 2010, Forbes magazine ranked Palm Bay on its list of “Top 20 Most Innovative Cities”. The ranking was based on the ratios of high-tech, science and “creative” jobs. Due to its close proximity to the ocean and other major cities in Florida, Palm Bay continues to grow to this day. The city of Palm Bay offers beautiful scenic highways, nature trails, and waterfront views. The city is a great visit for those wishing to enjoy Summer outdoor activities such as golfing, fishing, cycling, camping, hiking and more. Palm Bay is in close proximity to the St. John’ River, leading the city to be nicknamed the “bass fishing capital of the world”. According to locals, Palm Bay is Central Florida’s best kept secret.

The population in Palm Bay is well spread out with 22.7% of the population being under 18, 20.2% of the population being between 18-34, 25.5% being 35-54, 14.2% being 55-64 and 17.4% being over the age of 65. The median household income in the city was $43,765 in 2017.

Turkey Creek Sanctuary

The Turkey Creek Wildlife Sanctuary is a small nature reserve home to species of rare and endangered plants and animals. Included in the park is 1.85 miles of boardwalk paths and 1.5 miles of jogging trails. The sanctuary is a great spot for spotting birds, turtles, manatees, and alligators. There is also a canoe deck on the creek. For those looking to experience the outdoors, a walk through Turkey Creek Wildlife Sanctuary is sure to be a hit.

Palm Bay Aquatic Center

Palm Bay Aquatic Center is located at Eastern Florida State College Palm Bay Campus. This attraction is perfect for families wishing to escape the heat. There is a pool with zero depth entry, water play toys, a large water slide, 8 25-yard lap lanes, and a living area with 1-meter diving boards. Staff at the Palm Bay Aquatic Center also offer activities including open swim and family swim times, swimming lessons, parties and special events.

Three Forks Conservation Area

The Three Forks Conservation Area encompasses about 48 000 acres of land around the St. John’s River Basin. The conservation area is man made and serves to provide flood control and environmental protection. Since then, it has become a popular site for bass fishing.Visitors to the park can partake in a variety of Recreational activities including hiking, fishing, hunting, boating and biking. Lucky visitors also have the chance to see the park’s wildlife from river otters, fish, and alligators.

Interesting Facts

  • There are 29 city parks in Palm Bay, many of these parks cater to sports enthusiasts and feature amenities such as a paintball park, skateboard park, and aquatic center.
  • One family in Palm Bay are the owners of a Disney themed mansion with a Mickey Mouse shaped pool and pond, Disney inspired stained glass windows, and wall murals of Disney characters.
  • One Palm Bay attraction that is no longer standing is the Giant Coffee Pot Building. In the 1940s, the Coffee Pot building was located along U.S. 1 Highway, where visitors could enjoy donuts, light lunches, and ice cream. The building was torn down in the 1980s.
  • The city of Palm Bay is almost exactly equal distances from Miami and Jacksonville.

Chalk Talk: The Importance of Literacy Development

Research has indicated that literate people are more likely to earn more and experience a higher quality of life. If your student is struggling and you do not feel confident in your ability to help them, find help through school programs, library programs, or private tutors. Helping your child to succeed academically will increase chances of a bright future for him or her. When your student is confident in his or her literacy abilities, he or she will go on to become a self-actualized, fulfilled individual.