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Santa Cruz, California Tutoring Programs

Get started with SchoolTutoring Academy’s tutoring programs for Santa Cruz, California students. Start with a FREE ACADEMIC ASSESSMENT with an Academic Director. Our flagship tutoring programs are available starting at $199.99/month (about $25/hour)

Santa Cruz District and Curriculum

The curriculum used in Santa Cruz is aimed at achieving a high-level of thinking and broad base of knowledge for all students. The subjects are laid out so that instruction can encompass both basic skills and higher-order concepts while allowing teachers creativity in their lessons and use of different instructional approaches.

The curriculum sets standards for learning at each grade level within each subject. In Math, students are introduced to the different mathematic topics with the purpose of teaching the broader skills of computation, measurement, data analysis, mathematical modeling, and ultimately abstract reasoning. These prepare students for advanced topics in science, engineering, and technology, and help inform real-world problem solving situations.

We currently cover the following Santa Cruz-area school district: Bonny Doon Union Elementary School District, Happy Valley Elementary School District, Live Oak Elementary School District, Santa Cruz City School District, Scotts Valley Unified School District, Soquel Union Elementary School District.

Schools in Santa Cruz include:

Westlake Elementary School is located on 1000 High Street, Santa Cruz, California 95060, Westlake Elementary School covers Kindergarten through fifth grade. Contact Westlake Elementary School at (831) 429-3878.  As part of California’s curriculum, this elementary school strives to reach goals set in English and Literacy, Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects. Westlake Elementary School aims to provide students with a variety of opportunities at a young age to expand their curiosity. Students will have multiple experiences and decide on what activities and fields they enjoy and learn more in following education. This school offers Dance, and educational garden, Band, and opportunities to participate in the science fair. This elementary school also encourages utilizing technology to enhance students’ learning experience. One of their goals is to provide a safe environment to ensure students are getting the most out of their education while also being able to socialize and enhance their communication skills. Parents are strongly encouraged to participate in school activities to create a unified community. As a parent, one must ensure their child is meeting the standards set by the California state. Start by signing your child up for private tutoring.

Mission Hill Middle School is located on 425 King Street, Santa Cruz, California 95060, Mission Hill Middle School covers sixth grade through eighth grade. Contact Mission Hill Middle School at (831) 429-3860. As part of California’s curriculum, this middle school strives to reach goals set in English and Literacy, Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects. As one of the oldest schools in Santa Cruz, their goals remain the same: ensure students are high achieving academic excellence in a  safe environment. This middle school allows for this by providing students with engaging challenges so that students are reaching beyond their limits. This helps students practice a healthy lifestyle that will allow them to succeed in following education. If students are having a difficult time at any point, their staff always ensures that they are receiving the most support and care in order to overcome any obstacles they face. Mission Hill Middle School provides various opportunities to aid students in finding their passion. These include various athletic clubs, the AVID program, exploration in the Arts, and School Wide Writing. Every March and October, school wide writing takes place so students can work on their writing abilities. For preparation, our English tutoring can greatly aid your child in this event.

Harbor High School is located on 300 La Fonda Avenue, Santa Cruz, California 95062, Harbor High School covers ninth grade through twelfth grade. Contact Harbor High School at (831) 429-3810.  As part of California’s curriculum, this high school strives to reach goals set in English and Literacy, Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects. Harbor High School aims to provide various opportunities for high school students so they are prepared for post-secondary options. Their aim is to ensure students leave with four learning outcomes: Communication, Learning, Thinking, and Contribution as these are fundamental skills for a successful life after graduating from high school. This school provides AVID for enhanced education, Leadership opportunities, and Career Education so that students are aware of the multiple opportunities for their futures. To ensure your child is college-ready, check out our information on how we can help your child prepare for SATs here.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Santa Cruz District Curriculum

The goal of the Language Arts curriculum is to give students the communication and critical thinking skills to read and write effectively. Students are taught about grammar and language structure, ways to build vocabulary, and analytic skills that can be applied to taking in information and creating written or verbal expressions.

In Science, the framework moves students from the elementary levels to advanced levels through a framework of investigation into Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The process of scientific inquiry, the development and researching of theories are also key functions of the Science curriculum.

With the different learning strategies students gain in these subjects, they are prepared for the educational opportunities emerging in the 21st century. Many advanced and innovative programs combine multiple subjects and require the use of all these skills.

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California Tutors

believe that education is a very important form of empowerment and that every individual has different strengths and different ways of learning. There can be multiple approaches to the same material, though the answer and concepts can be the same. Thus, I seek to tutor in a way that engages the student and connects him or her to the material so that they grasp it better. I feel that if a student is excited about the material, they will learn it more quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly!
I believe that our current educational system doesn’t do justice in educating and inspiring students to be more curious about the world. That being said, I believe that the quality of teaching is at the utmost importance for inspiring students where the system fails to do so.
In my years of teaching, I have come to realize that students are most open to learning when they feel comfortable and are open to the idea of learning. I spend much of my time as a teacher coaching them, reassuring them, encouraging them. Also, all students are different, and because of this, they learn differently. Therefore, the more I know about a students background in education, the more I may be able to facilitate their learning.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Santa Cruz Educational News

  • Humanities Academy - The Humanities Academy is a high school level college prepatory program that mirrors the liberal arts college environment. Students who are interested in an academically rigorous education in this model will find a strong program with this Academy.
  • Math Acacemy - Students at the high school who are interested in pursuing an accelerated program in Math are able to apply into the Math Academy. Core subjects are also taught in this program, but there is an additional emphasis on preparing students for advanced studies in mathematics.
  • Life Lab - The Life Lab program is a component of the science curriculum that all students participate in. Developed at the University of Southern California, this program offers a number of environmental and nutrition based lesson possibilities.

Santa Cruz Tutors Can Help Your Student Succeed

SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

About Santa Cruz, California

Meaning the “Holy Cross: in Spanish, the City of Santa Cruz is the largest city of the Santa Cruz county in California. As of now, the estimated population of Santa Cruz is approximately 59,946 with residents hailing from all around the world with various backgrounds. Situated on the north shore of Monterey Bay, 51 kilometers from San Jose, and 120 kilometre south of the City of San Francisco the City of Santa Cruz is known for its moderate and pleasant climate year round. Also home to the University of California, the city is a premier research institution and education hub. Nicknamed as the “Surf City” of America, the city of Santa Cruz is also home to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk which is an amusement park that has been operating since 1907.

The site of present day Santa Cruz was the location of one of the many Spanish settlements in the United States first starting in 1791. When California was officially named the 31st state of the United States in 1866, important industries such as lumber, gunpowder and agriculture was produced in the area that Santa Cruz is now located. Since then, the city of Santa Cruz has established itself as an well known beach resort community. In the 2010 census, the age distribution of the residents of the city are as follows: 13.7% of the population is under the age of 18, 29.1% of residents are aged 18 – 24, 25.1% of people are between the ages of 25-44, 23.3% of people were between the ages of 45-64 and 8.8% if the population are 65 years of age or older.

Nicknamed as “Surf City” the City of Santa Cruz has always been in the spotlight as a popular tourist destination, due to its mild climate, natural shorelines, environment and redwoods forests. Well known for watersports due to its close proximity to the shoreline, many come to the beaches of Santa Cruz to experience various water sports such as sailing, diving, swimming, and paddling, and is one of the best spots in the world for surfing. Despite this, the city of Santa Cruz also contains a

Santa Cruz Surfing Museum

Located on 809 Centre Street in Santa Cruz California, the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum overlooks the internationally renowned surfing spot of Steamer Lane. The museum holds various artifacts such as photographs and surfboards to commemorate over 100 years of surfing in the City of Santa Cruz. Named the biggest surf city in America, Santa Cruz was officially declared and dedicated as a World Surfing Reserve on April 27-28th 2018 where festivities were held to celebrate this honour. The World Surfing Reserves (WSR) stands to actively protect and preserve surf zones and the environmental habitats surrounding the area for surfing hot spots all around the world. For more information on the museum and their hours of admission, or for learning how to surf please visit their website located here.

Natural Bridges State Beach

Natural Bridges State Bridge is a 65 acre California State Park that is located in Santa Cruz. Natural Bridges State Beach is named after the formation of natural bridge across a section of the beach. Located in the park is what is known as Monarch’s Grove, where people across the world come to witness the annual monarch butterfly migration from the end of October to mid-November. In 2016, more than 8000 Monarch butterflies around the world overwintered at the state park forming a “City of Monarchs in the Trees”. In addition to this the park and beach is a excellent place for viewing shore birds, migrating whales as well as seals and otters due to its moderate climate. Along the beach during low tides, visitors can expect to various animals that are found under the sea such as starfish, shore crabs and sea anemones. For more information about admission to the park and their hours of operation, please visit their website conveniently located here.

Interesting Facts

Santa Cruz is home to the first meat dress and this first meat dress was produced way before Lady Gaga pulled off that outfit. The first meat dress was made with the intentions of protest. Ann Simonton, a former model, wore the first meat dress made from hot dogs, steak and lunch meats in counter-pageants outside of the Miss California that occurred annually in Santa Cruz. This creative idea landed her a spot in the famous Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History.

The Santa Cruz Mountains possess a massive tooth belonging to a Megalodon shark. The Megalodon is a prehistoric shark that is estimated to be three times bigger than the Great White Shark. You may be wondering how a shark’s tooth ended up on a mountain up in the air. Well, Santa Cruz Mountains used to be submerged in water approximately ten to twelve million years ago. The tooth is currently displayed at the Santa Cruz Natural History Museum.

Mainland surfing originated from Santa Cruz. In 1885, three Hawaiian princes showed the locals of Santa Cruz how to hang ten with surfboards made from redwood planks. The history of surfing in Santa Cruz is currently portrayed at the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum. The museum is so extensive that is covers over a hundred years of the surfing history in Santa Cruz. The museum is located in the famous mark Abbott Memorial Lighthouse that overlooks the surf break Steamer Lane. The museum portrays the history of surfing with original photographs, surf memorabilia, boards and a surprising board with a shark bite.

At the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, brave people from a variety of age groups performed acrobatics at high heights above the indoor salt water pool for the weekly Water Carnivals at Neptune’s Kingdom from 1927 up to 1945. In modern day, this structure is home to a mini golf course and arcade, however the steel arches that held the acrobatics equipment is still present. The second floor houses the Historium, which is a collection of Boardwalk memories that start from 1907, which is the year that marks its opening.

Chalk Talk: Caught in the ‘Midterm Season Illness’

Midterm season brings a lot of bad luck towards students. In addition to their hectic schedule with exams and assignments due around the same time, there are waves of sickness that spreads on campus. Due to the dramatic weather change during the Fall term, the spread seems to be worse than midterm season in the Winter term. The first wave of illness usually spreads a week or two before midterms begin. The second wave is more brutal than the last wave and comes across during midterms. The reason this wave is worse and harder to escape from is because of all the viruses and bacteria that come from wherever students catch it off campus, spreading at common areas, like classrooms, cafeterias, and study rooms when they come back to campus. In order to make these difficult times simpler, consider this tip to tackle the illness waves:

Before the Wave: Be More Cautious of Your Sanitary Routine
As adults, we all shower at least once a day which should be good enough but there are times that we forget to wash our hands during the day. Be sure to wash your hands often as our hands come into contact with everything such as doors, tables, and seats shared by others. Since our faces are also attacked by our hands on a daily basis, be sure to wash your face often and to avoid touching your face too much. This will decrease your chances of obtaining an infection.

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