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White Rock District and Curriculum

The curriculum used in White Rock’s schools was developed by the Ministry of Education for use in all schools in the province. The curriculum targets specific Prescribed Learning Outcomes (PLOs) which represent what a student should learn within the subject at each grade level. This provides a means for teachers to plan instruction based on measurable objectives. The Ministry of Education also allows for the creation of classes that do not have a curriculum designed for it. Teachers may apply for permission to design and teach a curriculum for a subject-matter that is locally relevant.

We currently cover the following White Rock-area school districts: School District No. 36, Catholic Independent Schools Vancouver Archdiocese.

Schools in White Rock include:

White Rock Elementary School is located on 1273 Fir St, White Rock, BC V4B 5A6, White Rock Elementary School covers grades K-6 and can be contacted at 604-531-5731. The curriculum at White Rock Elementary School includes the standards outlined by British Columbia’s curriculum. The province’s curriculum is modernized to keep up with trends in a digitally changing world. The focus of the curriculum is on creating solid foundations of literacy and math skills, while also supporting deeper learning. According to British Columbia’s learning standards, students in grade 3 science focus on several big ideas. They learn about living things, how they are grouped, and how they interact in their ecosystems. They also learn about matter, and how it is all made up of particles. They then learn about thermal energy, and how it can be produced and transferred. They also learn about wind, water and ice and how it can shape the land. They relate what they learn in science to situations from their environment. Students are encouraged to be curious and ask questions. In grade 3 English Language arts, students read stories, and learn about literary elements and devices. They also learn how stories can be understood from different perspectives. SchoolTutoring Academy offers tutoring in both of these subjects. For more information on how SchoolTutoring Academy can help your child with one-on-one tutoring, please contact us.

Peace Arch Elementary School is located on 15877 Roper Ave, White Rock, BC V4B 2H5, Peace Arch Elementary School covers grades K-6 and can be contacted at 604-536-8711.  The mission of Peace Arch Elementary School is to empower students to reach their full potential. This means supporting students and enabling them to become happy, lifelong learners who are responsible and caring members of the global society. Like other students in the province of British Columbia, students at Peace Arch Elementary School are taught a curriculum that includes the British Columbia Learning Standards. Students in grade 1 mathematics learn about several big ideas. They learn how to identify repeating elements in patterns. They also model addition and subtraction with numbers up to 10 to help develop computational fluency. Students learn about geometry when they examine objects and shapes that can be described, measured and compared. Grade 1s also use graphs to compare and interpret data. For more information on how SchoolTutoring Academy can help your child with one-on-one tutoring, please contact us.

St. John Paul II Academy is located on 15262 Pacific Ave, White Rock, BC V4B 1P8, St. John Paul II Academy covers grades 9-12 and can be contacted at 604-560-8210. St. John Paul II Academy is a newly opened Catholic School serving students in the White Rock area. The academic program at the school contains all the guidelines for the core subjects. In addition, the school also offers a STEAM and humanities program, as well as Core French, Physical Health Education, and a strong Christian Education Program. Students at St. John Paul II Academy also have the opportunity to have a choice of a variety of electives. These include drama, digital literacy, and home economics. According to the British Columbia Curriculum Standards, students in grade 11 are able to take multiple science courses in chemistry, biology, physics, and earth science. Students are also able to make mathematics at multiple difficulty levels. Students wishing to pursue higher level math courses in grade 12 such as calculus, should take classes such as pre-calculus in order to prepare for calculus in grade 12. For more information on the precalculus and calculus tutoring SchoolTutoring Academy offers, please contact us.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the White Rock District Curriculum

The English language arts curriculum is undergoing revision and will reflect a new set of standards that students will be required to show proficiency in. The Learning Standards are “Comprehending and Connecting” and “Creating and Communicating” and students will be required to show that they are capable of doing each of these in their reading, writing, and discussion-based communications. There will be an increased focus on literary stories as they represent ways of knowing and sharing information and wisdom, and provide a basis for reflection and growth.

The science curriculum is also being updated to reflect the types of thinking that students are required to develop in the study of science. Students will be required to show questioning and prediction abilities, the ability to plan and conduct scientific investigations and experiments, processing and analyzing information, and evaluating and communicating their observations and findings. Each of these skill sets can be applied to all topics in science and will be the basis of evaluation for students in their science courses.

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As an educator it is my role to guide students in their pursuit of knowledge. Whether it be in the classroom or online, students need to feel comfortable and confident to ask the questions necessary to achieve success. I also realize that students are very diverse and that I must be flexible in my teaching approach In order to best support the student. I want to motivate students to believe in their abilities, while inspiring them to be the best they can be.
I believe that learning should always be a positive and memorable experience. One of the most significant roles of the teacher or instructor is to create a supportive, comfortable and rewarding learning environment. Teachers should always be respectful of the students’ opinions and thoughts, and should encourage his or her growth.
I believe in today’s world, education is key. With only one life an individual should find their passion and pursue it no matter how difficult the program is. The people I have met who have done this share no regrets at the end.

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Keeping Informed: Recent White Rock Educational News

  • Student Achievements - Students from the district won an impressive 27 medals at the Fraser Valley Regional Skills Competition in categories like 3-D animation, fashion, carpentry and welding. These students will continue on to the next round of province-wide competition in White Rock.
  • Shad Valley University Program - The district has more student than any other district attending the academically prestigious summer program at Shad Valley for students in secondary schools. 15 students from the district will be attending this competitive and rigorous program.
  • Choice Programs - The district offers a range of unique programs for students in all grade levels. These provide some specialized learning in areas that students may show particular talents or are based on time-tested educational theories like the Montessori system. The most current information on options is always available through district offices and their website.

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SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

About White Rock, British Columbia

The city of White Rock borders Semiahmoo Bay and is also surrounded by South Surrey. White Rock is named after a distinctive large white boulder on its beach. The boulder was kept white by seabirds who covered the rock in guano. The rock was so white, that sailors used it as a beacon. Now, the rock is kept white by the monthly applications of white paint by the city parks department. The city is a popular destination in the summer, in part to its beautiful coastline, beaches, and trendy cafes and restaurants. White Rock is located just 45 kilometres away from Vancouver, and within 5 minutes of the US/Canada border. The city is also a popular retirement spot, due to its moderate climate. The average summer temperature in White Rock is 23 degrees Celsius and the average winter temperature is 6 degrees Celsius.

Annual events held in White Rock include the Tour de White Rock, which is a bicycle race that attracts over 150 local and international riders to the city held in July. The Tour de White Rock was one of the Canadian Cycling Association’s national road race series in 2005. Another event held every year during the first weekend of August is the Spirit of the Sea Festival held on White Rock Beach. The festival began in 1949 and festival goers can enjoy a parade, fireworks, a sand castle competition, and other beach activities.

In 2016, the population of White Rock was 19,952, making it the fifth most populated city in the province of British Columbia. According to a 2016 census by Statistics Canada, the average age of the population in Kelowna was 46.3 years old. The median household income in the city in 2015 was $81,778.

White Rock Pier

White Rock Pier is one of the landmarks in White Rock. It is a popular destination for walks and offers great views of the ocean. The pier was originally built in 1914 as a dock for coastal steamships. It stretches 470m or 1542 feet into the ocean. Visitors can walk to the walk and look at local fishermen’s daily catches, as well as take in views of the coastal mountains and San Juan islands. It On December 20, 2018 a large windstorm swept through the city, and severed the pier when sailboats broke free from the marina and crashed into the pier. Around 15 boats sank and multiple were wedged underneath the pier. Plans for a reconstruction of the pier are planned for August 2019.

White Rock Beach

White Rock Beach is divided into an East Beach and a West Beach by a rise in the shoreline referred to by locals as “the hump”. White Rock Beach consists of 8km of sand and warm waters. The beach is perfect for swimming, paddle boarding and kayaking. When the tide goes out, the teach transforms into a great place to view tide pools. Visitors can then try skimboarding, build a sand castle or fly a kite. The East Beach tends to be more family friendly and quieter. It is a great spot for those wishing to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach with a picnic lunch.

White Rock Museum and Archives

Visitors to the White Rock Museum and Archives can take in the history of White Rock and its community. The museum offers local events and changing exhibitions. There are exhibits on the community’s history and railway roots. The museum is located next to the White Rock Pier in a historic train station that was built by the Great Northern Railway in 1913. The museum’s collection includes artifacts and photographs highlighting the history of the area. In addition, the museum is also home to a gift shop, and offers guided historic walking tours and special events.

Interesting Facts

  • Some scenes from the 2011 boxing movie Knockout were filmed in White Rock.
  • Another one of the landmarks in White Rock are the two tall totem poles located in Totem Park. These totem poles are a tribute to the Semiahmoo First Nation, and were hand carved using the Western Red Cedar trees in the region.
  • Visitors to White Rock should be aware of the White Rock Promenade, a popular spot for those taking a walk. The promenade is 7200 feet or 2194 metres long and leads to different attractions around the city.
  • In 2007, the White Rock Little League Baseball team made it to the Little League World Series!

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