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Arianne A

English, Languages, ACT, SAT Tutor

Old Dominion University

Majors: International Studies

Minors: Japanese

About Me



    I believe that ample practice, a positive attitude, and pride in one’s academic efforts and accomplishments must come together to contribute to a rewarding learning experience, and everyone is capable of learning with these things in mind. I encourage embracing mistakes as they are part of learning and I also believe that education is filled with interesting, always beatable challenges. I am also an advocate for lifelong learning and self-study, and I hope to spur such interests in each of my students.
    I look forward to getting to know my students in order to foster a comfortable and entertaining environment, and it is a reward for me to see when a student finds joy in any of their academic achievements, no matter the size of the accomplishment. Encouragement is to me vital for a student’s continued desire to learn and explore new things.


I attended Old Dominion University in Virginia with academic scholarships and earned my Bachelor’s Degree with Honors for International Studies in May of 2013. While a student, I participated in Model United Nations at ODU and was Editor of the newsletters for our annual high school conference simulations.


A large part of my tutoring experience has come from my time as an Editor in my college’s Model UN. There, I helped high school students mostly with writing journal articles, but I also taught them how to gather information/research. Throughout college and high school I frequently volunteered to review classmates’ papers and research and gave them feedback on what issues need improvement. I have tutored a few younger students in the past with some assistance from more senior tutors or teachers.


I enjoy writing stories and drawing in my free time, but I also enjoy a good book or video game when it’s time to just unwind. Other interests include cooking and some computer skills. I have a love for creativity, colors, and all cute things like animals, their stuffed toy counterparts, and even novelty erasers (which I will collect rather than use).