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Ashley B

Math, Science, ACT, SAT Tutor

University of Manitoba

Majors: Biology

Minors: General Science

Other Certificates: B.A., Education

About Me



I believe that people in general learn best by “doing”. The more involved/engaged/hands-on a student is, the more they will take away from a lesson. Students need a safe setting where they are encouraged to take risks in their learning and in turn can learn more deeply from their mistakes. I personally, as an educator, steer away from memorization-style learning because it lacks a connection with the subject matter.


I have a Bachelor’s Degree of Science with a major in Biology and a minor in General Science. I also possess a Bachelor’s Degree of Education (High School Stream) from the University of Manitoba.

This past year I had the fulfilling opportunity to be an Alternative Program Teacher at the high school level. This involved teaching multiple subject areas to a need-diverse group of students. In this demanding opportunity I have never been more sure that education profession is for me.


I truly do love the challenges that come with teaching because I believe that with every success and pitfall, I am becoming a better educator. I never want to stop learning and improving myself, which is why I would like to explore the online education platform.

I have experience tutoring students at various grade levels not only in science, but many other subject areas as well.


I tutor in the evenings after school and weekends, I love coaching sports, specifically: volleyball, basketball, and track & field, I am an avid baker which speaks best to my appreciation for experiential learning, and my husband and I volunteer for a local animal shelter in the form of fostering dogs that are waiting for loving homes.
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