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Brianna N

Math Tutor

Asbury University

Majors: Secondary Math Education

Minors: Middle School Endorsement

Other Certificates: M.S., Education; Teaching Certification: Kentucky, Michigan

About Me



My educational philosophy is to ensure that every student experiences mathematical success and enjoyment. I accomplish this through laughter, entertaining and personalized math applications, high expectations, praise, and investing in each child’s life.

The desire of my heart is for my students to witness my passion for their academic and personal success. I will always devote my time and energy to improve my teaching methodology and instructional practices to best meet their needs.


In seventh grade I was told that I should be a math teacher by my basketball coach. I laughed at him when he said this and vowed that I would never pursue that profession. However, upon entering college I declared myself a math major and very quickly came to realize that I wanted to teach middle and high school students math, share my passion for the subject in creative ways, and invest in their lives.
Two years later, and to my basketball coach’s delight, I completed my Secondary Math Education Major, with Middle School Endorsement, from Asbury University. I them immediately went on to pursue my Masters in Instructional Systems and Design from the University of Kentucky to best learn how to implement mathematical instruction in various interfaces.

Amazingly enough, six years of teaching has flown by and my formal education could be considered complete, but I can honestly say that I will never stop learning from coworkers, experts, books, and students.


I have taught high school mathematics for six years, both in a public and private school setting. As a result I have been blessed to invest in the lives of all types of students and serve as an academic and personal role model. I have taught the following courses: Algebra 1, Honors Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Honors Geometry, AP Statistics. I have also tutored students in these subjects as well as Pre Calculus and College Algebra.


My extra-curricular activities include playing tennis with my husband and softball, reading anything that someone says is “a good read”, playing drums for my church, and crafting. However, my most recent extra-curricular activity is changing hundreds of diapers for my new baby boy.