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Brittany M

English, Languages Tutor

Brandon University

Majors: English and French

Other Certificates: Teaching (graduate 2015)

About Me



I believe that education is something that doesn’t stop from the beginning of one’s life to the end of one’s life. Everyone is a lifelong learner. I also believe that every single student can achieve their goals and surpass their potential, as long as their instructors take time to understand what each student’s goals are. I place a lot of importance in celebrating even the smallest successes, so the student can feel confident and comfortable in achieving their larger goal(s).


I have a 3-yr Bachelor of Arts, with 2 Majors: French and English from Brandon University. I am nearly finished my first year (out of two years) in the Faculty of Education.


I have been teaching dance for 5 years, for multiple rural dance clubs, I teach Musical Theatre classes and Zumba at a local Performing Arts centre, I was a peer tutor in high school, and I am nearly finished my second Pre-Service teaching placement.


I take part in musicals around Brandon and in a rural community, I play guitar, sing, dance, and I have been a part of a few non-musical plays as well.
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