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Bruce Z

Math, ACT, SAT, Study Skills Tutor

San Jose State Univ.

Majors: Mathematics

Minors: Economics

Other Certificates: BA, MA, Ph.D.

About Me



My educational philosophy can be simply described to be: “Teaching mathematics through Socratic or “Discovery” method uniquely combined with “Positive Reinforcement” techniques.

My personal philosophy in for teaching mathematics is: “Teach and encourage the students to ‘Discover’ the mathematical concepts by trying to answer the WHY’s of mathematics, rather than to simply show the students the HOW’s of mathematics.


My BA and MA are both in mathematics, and I completed my Ph.D. in Leadership and Human Behavior with a dissertation about the relevance and effectiveness of my innovative and unique method of teaching mathematics for fast and clear understanding, and prolonged retention of the presented material.


Ever since the completion of my BA in mathematics, I started teaching college level courses. Specifically, I have taught colleges and have taught at high schools as a mathematics teacher.


My extracurricular activities include the transcription of curricula for Plane geometry, and also, and innovative “Discovery Curriculum” for the concept of Complex Numbers for Middle schools. This project was completed for Project S.E.E.D., Inc.(Special elementary education for the disadvantaged), Dallas, TX in 1992.
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