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Bryanna M

Math, Science Tutor

University of Ottawa

Majors: Mathematics

Minors: Biology

Other Certificates: B.A., Education; Teaching Certification: Ontario

About Me



I believe education is a right. Students attend school with the right to learn, be challenged, and develop critical thought. They are not to be discriminated, but to be respected and treated as unique individuals. Through modeling encouragement, forgiveness, and patience, teachers inspire students to be good citizens. A career in education is a huge commitment, but an incredible privilege.


I am a graduate from the University of Ottawa where I completed a Bachelor of Science with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Biology. I am a currently completing a Bachelor of Education for the Intermediate/Senior level at Trent University. I will be graduating May 2015 with the goal of obtaining experience in a position that incorporates my passion for education.


I have held multiple leadership roles that involved teaching. These include my position as Navan Fair Ambassador, tutor in mathematics, and teacher’s assistant during my Bachelor of Education.


In the past I have been the coordinator of the Navan Fair Education Barn, volunteered weekly at the local Food Bank, and modeled. These experiences have helped me develop interpersonal skills and work ethic.