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Candice A

English, Languages Tutor

East Carolina University

Majors: English, Theatre

Minors: Theatre Management

About Me



My goal in life is to keep learning, and trying new things. I believe that one of the most important ways people can better themselves is through education. Everyone has the capacity to learn and everyone deserves the opportunity to fully comprehend the material they’re studying. I believe that people get out of their education what they put into it; if they have a drive to learn, then they will reach their goals!


I have two Bachelor’s Degrees from East Carolina University. My degrees are in English and Theatre, and I have a minor in Theatre Management. I also studied French all the way through and even took a literature class that was taught in French. My concentration for both of my Bachelor’s was in script writing both for stage and film.


I had tutored students while in college and would also read to children and do plays with preschoolers. Helping students learn is a passion of mine.


While I was studying at college I would do some children’s theatre at local schools and libraries. Since graduating I read a lot and am working on writing some adaptions for film.