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Catherine D

Math, Science, English, Social Studies Tutor

University of Nevada, Reno

Majors: Community Health Sciences, Speech Pathology and Audiology

About Me



I believe that every child deserves the opportunity to learn, and that every child should receive the necessary attention and help in subjects they have difficulty with.

I believe that no child should struggle in a subject, especially if they have the necessary tools and material to help them excel. I also believe that every child should learn in a safe, comfortable environment, to help them succeed. I believe that with the right techniques and understanding any child can excel and fully understand the material and concepts they are having difficulty with.


I am a current college sophomore attending the University of Nevada, Reno. I am currently double majoring in Community Health Sciences and Speech Pathology and Audiology. With these majors, I hope to gain an acceptance into medical school. I also graduated from high school with an honors diploma in 2013, where I was also my class’s salutatorian.


I have experience tutoring one-on-one with students at the high school level.


I am actively involved on my campus, where I am a member of various clubs and organizations. I am a member of three medical/academic clubs on campus that have a focus on the medical aspect, along with the sciences. Also, I actively engage in helping others in my community and in my campus, whether it is for projects, essays, papers, or homework.