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Christine B

Science, English, Languages Tutor

Bishop’s University

Majors: Sociology

Minors: Religion

About Me



I believe that people can become lifelong learners if taught from a young age that education is valuable, relevant, and perhaps most importantly, fun. Education should not be just instruction, but instead the facilitation of real learning through creative expression.


I have always loved school and did very well in elementary school, even being placed in advanced classes. Throughout high school, I developed a love for creative writing that I still foster today. When it came time for graduation, my most logical choice was University, and Bishop’s offered everything I was interested in experiencing. It was a great 4 years that helped me grow intellectually, and as a person in general.


I have worked with children in camp settings, teaching skills like canoeing and archery. I also have taught young children to horseback ride, play guitar, and tutored a child while I was in highschool.


I enjoy writing, especially song lyrics. I am involved in outdoor activities, such as hiking, horseback riding, and camping. I also volunteer at a youth group to lead activities. In my spare time, I like to volunteer, travel, and meet new people.
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