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Corey G

Math, Science, Languages, SAT Tutor

Armstrong State University

Majors: Mathematical Sciences

Minors: Biology

About Me



Understanding how an individual student learns is the most important key in being able to teach them. When you can explain the subject matter in a way they makes sense to them, you will be successful. Everyone learns differently, so it is difficult to teach a group of students using a set method and expect everyone to understand. Tutoring allows a more personal learning experience that can help students with difficulties better understand the concepts they may struggle with.


I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics and Biology from Armstrong State University.


I have tutored students ranging from high school through college on subjects related to math and science. Most of my tutoring experiences have been satisfactory and the students whom I’ve tutored are usually surprised at the ease in which they were able to understand seemingly difficult concepts. I enjoy the challenge of being able to help a struggling student to understand troubling subjects, and the end result is always satisfying. Also, teaching these subjects helps solidify the concepts in my own mind so that I can be more knowledgeable of them.


I competed in the Putnam competition during college, which involves proving difficult mathematical concepts. Some proofs would take up to an entire page and I was very overwhelmed at the start of my training. Most things in life seem very difficult at first, but I realized that with enough practice using the right methods, what may seem impossible to understand will become achievable.
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