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Daryl W

Math, Science, ACT, SAT Tutor

Waterloo University

Majors: Mathematics

Other Certificates: M.A., Teaching; Teaching Certification: Ontario

About Me



Every student can learn, but at their own pace and with their own style. A teacher who can help students make many different connections between new concepts and familiar ideas, images and sense data can help improve recall, speed and skill. Building upon a student’s intrinsic motivation can lead to greater confidence and sense of self-worth which will make a student a life-long learner.


After earning certification as an educational assistant dealing with learning disabilities and specialties, I earned my Bachelor of Mathematics followed by a Master of Science in Teaching. My academic skills are specialized in mathematics and science. I am currently a licensed teacher in Ontario.


I have taught full-time at the Intermediate Level (Grade 8, all subjects) and the Senior Level (Grade 11, 12 math and business) but mostly tutor remedial reading and mathematics at all grade levels. I’ve been teaching for 7 years as of 2015.


I have led table-top gaming groups with children and adults. I’ve also played instruments in orchestral bands (percussion, woodwinds) and sang in a church choir. I also get involved with political parties organizing at the grass-root level.
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