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David D

Math, English, Languages Tutor

University of Toronto

Majors: English

Minors: Philosophy

Other Certificates: PhD English

About Me



Students learn by doing, and by making mistakes. Teachers must listen, and ask the right questions, in a Socratic dialogue which guides students to the best answers in the best way. Learning is hard work, not ‘fun’, but it can be exciting, absorbing, invigorating, and life-affirming.


I have a PhD in English with a minor in philosophy. I have taught at the University level in Australia, New Zealand and Canada for 30 years. I was also a high school teacher in New Zealand and British Columbia for 12 years. I have much experience creating, teaching and grading British Columbia Provincial English courses. I also have experience in teaching indigenous and ESL students.


I have extensive experience in teaching at both the high school and collegiate levels. One of my more inspiring teaching assignments was with First Nations students on a reserve, where I taught them to respect and desire learning. I achieved this mainly through role modeling curiosity, manners, respect, and joy in knowledge.


I sing in two choirs, play piano and guitar at my local church, garden, play tennis, and I’m currently learning to play the bagpipes.