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David S

Math, English, Languages Tutor

McGill University in Montreal, QC

Majors: B.A. in Classical Studies and History

About Me



Every student is different. I believe that a student’s success hinges on meeting them at their level: one prescriptive curriculum doesn’t satisfy everyone’s needs. A good educator should try to understand how a student thinks, how he or she approaches problems, and where the student’s strengths and weaknesses lie.

I also believe that a good educator will tailor his or her approach to the student’s personal interests in order to create engagement and relation.


I recently graduated from McGill University in Montreal, QC. Although I explored several different disciplines, I was always interested in history, therefore, I decided to complete a B.A. in Classical Studies and History.

My particular area of interest was Roman history and Latin literature. I took an array of different languages: Latin, French, and German in particular. My electives were varied, ranging from film studies and literature to some science courses.


For a long time I was involved with children’s programming at the Royal Ontario Museum, with children of varying age groups and abilities. We covered a variety of topics, from history and archaeology to sport, theater, and visual arts.

Having graduated from university, I decided to return to the field of education and put my skills and love of learning to good use. I will eventually return to do some form of graduate work, but I haven’t decided what to pursue as of yet.


I enjoy reading, on a variety of topics both fictional and non-fictional. I like playing sports, making music (on many instruments), and cooking both for myself and for others.

Language is also an interest of mine, and I am trying to expand my linguistic abilities in as many directions as possible. Finally, I am a fan of the great outdoors, which I explore as often as possible, by foot and by boat.

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