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Donna L

English Tutor

Univerity of the West Indies

Majors: International Relations

Minors: Psychology

Other Certificates: Special Education K-12 Teaching Certificate

About Me



     I believe that every child has the ability to learn. I follow the philosophy that every child must learn. They just need the proper tools, guidance, motivation and a good support system. Also, the child needs to be challenged to feel some level of achievement for them to continue to grow and develop academically.


     I have an undergraduate degree in International Relations and Psychology from the University of the West Indies. Then I spent several years working with children with learning and emotional challenges.

     I then furthered my education through a postgraduate program in Phoenix, Arizona. There I studied Special Education and completed the state exam to be a certified Special Education teacher.


     I spent three years working in a private school for at-risk youth in Scottsdale, Arizona. I worked in an elementary classroom developing learning plans, writing IEPs and team teaching in a special education classroom. I have taught grades 1-10 and my classroom sizes were an average of 7 students. In my classroom I would have a variety students with varying abilities and academic levels.

     Nevertheless, I was able to ensure that all students were meeting their IEP goals. During that time I have learned how to engage students in learning by providing an environment that was conducive to learning and was therapeutic due to their emotional and behavioral challenges.


     I am also a wellness coach, where I specialize in teaching others to live a healthier lifestyle. I run weekend workshops, seminars and cooking schools that make living healthy simple and practical for all.

     I also do one-on-one consultation for individuals that have lifestyle related diseases. During that session I educate individuals on the body and it’s needs, diseases, causes and prevention. Then I share with them a plan that is easy to adopt and implement.