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Eireen M

Math, Science, English Tutor

Grand Canyon University

Majors: Elementary Education; Special Education

Other Certificates: Teaching Certification: Michigan, Washington

About Me



Flexibility is a keystone to effective teaching, and is subsequently at the foundation of my teaching philosophy. All children are capable of and want to learn, but have unique and individual needs. Thus, teachers need to utilize multiple assessment and instructional strategies to support all learners.

Moreover, formal and informal assessments are essential in determining students? strengths and weaknesses, and should be used in adapting instruction to meet their needs within a structured environment.


Learning occurs both in and out of the classroom. I attended college first in Louisiana, pursuing a degree in culinary arts. When I moved to Seattle, Washington, I changed majors to education, and maintained a 3.99 GPA. Though my focus of study had a changed, I continued to work in the culinary industry and learn more about and refine my skills. I also volunteered at schools in the area to develop a more practical understanding of my theoretical coursework. I have recently received a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Elementary and Special Education with more than 800 hours of practical teaching experience.


Throughout my coursework I have observed in and/or designed and implemented lessons in several classrooms. For instance, I worked with several students with learning disabilities to design a unit to increase reading fluency. I also adapted lessons to support writing skills for students with physical disabilities impacting their ability to write.

I have also been teaching in a sixth grade general education classroom, and multi-grade level resource room in an elementary school, where I used state mandated curriculum and both formal and informal assessments to differentiate instruction to the various learning needs of students.


As a mother of a three-year-old, most of my extra-curricular activities are primarily toddler-based. Together we attend gymnastics classes and reading circles.

Additionally, I volunteer for the Coast Guard as a liaison between the command and spouses, where I assist in their transition into the area, and provide guidance in discovering resources available to them. Finally, I am a contributing member of National Public Radio and the Cranbrook Science Center. I also have a continued passion for cooking, health and fitness.

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