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Eric F

Math Tutor

National Louis University

Majors: Elementary Education

Other Certificates: Teaching Certification: Illinois

About Me



Learning is fun. As a teacher, I don’t see my job as to forcefully infuse knowledge, but rather to facilitate learning for the student. Children are learning machines, and when placed in an environment providing sufficient scope and protection, they excel in that function. Such excellence can provide the greatest satisfaction, and often joy, to the student. Providing this is in my opinion the true function of a teacher.


I hold a B.A. in Liberal Arts and Sciences, with a major in Psychology and a minor in Philosophy, obtained from the University of Illinois in Chicago.
I hold an M.S. in Computer and Information Sciences from Knowledge Systems Institute in Skokie IL. I have used this degree as a software engineer for over ten years.

I recently completed an M.A. in Teaching, majoring in Elementary Education. Along with my Professional Educator Licese, I hold middle school endorsements in math, social studies, computer science and computer applications.


I have completed 10 weeks of student teaching in a sixth grade classroom. More informally, I have led and taught Boy Scouts, aged 7 to 17 for over 30 years. Recently, I have begun tutoring undergraduate students and a regular 5th-grade client, in math.


I am a Scoutmaster for a Boy Scout Troop (boys aged 11-17), and Cubmaster for a Cub Scout Pack (boys aged 7-10).