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Eric Q

English, Languages, ACT, SAT Tutor

Iowa State University

Majors: Foreign Language (French) and Culture

About Me



Knowledge is addictive. Thus,it is always important for an educator to provide the context of what the students are learning. If a student understands the meaning of what he or she is learning, they will be encouraged and learn of their own volition.


I have a Bachelors in French Language and Culture. Previously during my college career, I was a history major, and took several classes in that department. After I transferred to the French department, I developed an interest in teaching English as a second language. I plan to focus my career on French and English education, and perhaps other languages once I become proficient enough.


During my study abroad in Chiba, Japan, I performed duties as an English tutor to Japanese students. I answered any questions that they had on grammar and pronunciation. At Iowa State University, I was a member of Café Plus, which was a French-Language discussion panel. Newer students would often go to this organization for French practice, and as a senior member I was there to answer questions and teach. My experience in Chiba was mostly instruction, and my experience at Iowa State was mostly conversational.


During my college career, I was in Café Plus, a club that practiced French and taught to younger students. Additionally, I was in Model UN, which facilitated very formal discussion. Currently, my hobby is studying Portuguese, Dutch, and German for fun.
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