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Graham P

Math, English, ACT, Social Studies Tutor

University of North Carolina

Majors: Philosophy

Minors: History

Other Certificates: Teaching Certification: Minnesota, Wisconsin

About Me



All humans are naturally curious and this is the motive force of authentic education; the role of a teacher is not to dispense facts, but to help students to know themselves and the world in which they live; a good teacher is compassionate, intelligent, flexible, creative, open-minded, patient, curious, energetic, cooperative, farseeing, introspective, and happy.


I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy from the University of North Carolina in 2005. I have completed the required coursework for an Master’s Degree in Teaching at Bethel University, and plan to complete my thesis next year. Beyond my formal education, I am constantly reading and thinking – reading and thinking about astrophysics, ecology, ancient philosophy – you name it. All truth is connected.


I’ve been a private tutor for students and have tutors over 1000 hours in total. I also have experience as a student teacher, and, for the past year, I have run a small schoolhouse at a residential treatment center, serving at-risk adolescent boys.


I love to run, bike, garden, boulder (a form of rock climbing), and goof around with my baby son. I also love to write and am currently working on a science fiction series which will change your life.