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Gretchen A

Science, English, Elementary Education, Homework Help Tutor

California State University, San Marcos

Majors: Biological Sciences

Minors: Chemistry

About Me



I believe that every student has the capability to do well in all subjects. Certain areas may come more naturally; however, if material is presented clearly and proper effort is put in, everyone can do well. A teacher that is motivating and who explains things in a way that makes sense is the most important aspect of educational success.


I grew up strong in literature and history but struggled in the sciences. However, in college I realized how interested I was in health and physiology. I then worked extremely hard to excel in the sciences. I have now graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in biological sciences and a minor in chemistry.


I have experience teaching hands-on science lessons to elementary school and junior-high students. In addition, I am a Sunday School teacher. I was also a junior-high cheerleading coach for two years and a peer mentor to a transfer student at my university.


I love to read, and spend time with friends. I also enjoy the sport of cheerleading, and currently enjoy mountain biking. Photography is another interest of mine, as well as exploring new cities.
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