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Harleen B

Science, English, ACT, SAT Tutor

University of Toronto

Majors: Elementary Education, Psychology

Other Certificates: PhD: American Literature; M.A: English; M.Ed: English Teaching and Curriculum Development; Teaching License: Ontario, LA

About Me



My pedagogical practices involve not only a student-centered learning environment but also cooperative learning groups, peer tutoring and assessment, and hands on, one-on-one teaching. I extensively employ differentiated instruction techniques to effectively address the varying needs and abilities of students. I have continued my education through professional development courses such as Cross-cultural Counseling, Second Language Assessment, Inquiry in Arts Education, and Spirituality and Education. My training in Computer, Arts, and Technology (CAT studio program) has further enhanced my teaching strategies by integrating multi-media, computer technology, and the arts. Although I have taught for over twenty years, I continue to adapt to students’ changing needs.


I earned a Ph.D. in American Literature, but I have also completed two Masters degrees in Education (Curriculum, Learning and Teaching) and English Literature. In addition, I have two Bachelors degrees in Elementary Education and Psychology.


I have studied and taught in three countries. In the past two summers, I have worked at Harvard University as a Preceptor for the Institute for English Language Programs, where I taught at the Advanced level in the Intensive Integrated Program. My experience teaching in Harvard University, which also involved team teaching with Harvard professors and bi-weekly guest professors, transformed my teaching in many ways. I was inspired by the use of Harkness and Fishbowl discussions, Town Hall Meetings, debates, and Socratic Seminars to guide students to fully analyze texts and lectures in preparation for completing challenging writing tasks.

In addition, at various times over the course of my career, I have worked as a professor, Elementary School teacher, and Middle School teacher.


My diverse experiences as a student and a teacher have equipped me to approach teaching courses in the humanities as well as in the social science disciplines. I am committed to multi-disciplinary and student-centered instruction. My scholarly projects currently include research into approaches to teaching in classrooms for students whose first language is not English and international students.