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Heather C

English, Elementary Education, Special Education, Homework Help Tutor

University of British Columbia

Majors: English

Other Certificates: B.A., Education; M.A., Education; Teaching Certification: British Columbia, Ontario

About Me



I believe that all children want to learn and can be guided and encouraged to find their passions. By getting to know students and tapping into their interests and abilities, educators can tailor learning to engage and motivate students to do their best. Great teachers help reluctant learners find their strengths and help them build on these strengths to become successful students in all areas.


I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English along with a Bachelor’s of Education Degree in Elementary Education. Later, I completed my Master’s Degree of Education in Early Literacy. I completed my Master’s of Education while teaching with the Vancouver School Board. Since then I have taken Ontario Additional Qualification courses in Special Education, Kindergarten and Mathematics.


I am an experienced elementary teacher. I have worked for the Vancouver School Board and the Thames Valley District School Board in London, Ontario. I have held positions as a Classroom teacher, a Learning Support/Spec Ed teacher, and a Staff Literacy Coach. I have also worked for a tutoring company in Toronto. As a Special Education teacher I have experience administering and marking standardized teats such as the Woodcock Johnston.


I have done various extra curricular activities with elementary students including Cross Country running, Homework Club, and Art Club. I have volunteered for Field Day, Book Fair, and Literacy Day, among others.