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Jamie E

English, ACT, SAT Tutor

Avila University

Majors: Speech Communications, Theatre

Minors: Secondary Education

Other Certificates: Teacher License: IN, MI, OH

About Me



Because of my past experiences in working with students of various diverse backgrounds in both the public and private sector, particularly in the areas of public speaking and acting, I believe all human beings possess an innate desire to communicate either verbally or non-verbally with other human beings. It has always been a personal challenge for me to discover what an individual possesses internally and to help them to express this ability to an audience or another individual. Helping someone to develop poise, self-confidence, organizational skills, and an overall sincere general well-being about their existence is a personal challenge.
I believe a good teacher has the insight and technique to unleash the academic and creative potential of his/her students, to celebrate their diversity yet nurture a sense of community within the group, and to connect these through gentleness, compassion and warmth. I believe a classroom, both online and traditional, should be a place that will offer freedom to explore while providing sufficient structure to generate learning. Teaching is not for the faint-hearted, the indecisive, the timid, the believer in the status quo, or the one who is just seeking a job, not a profession. Teaching is for those who want to educate and to place the academic climate of their students above their own personal desires.

Effective teaching results when the teacher is a facilitator, a seeker of incentives and a motivator. All of these are accomplished through the love of teaching. Each person has a storehouse of talent that can be shared with the world. As students enter the virtual portals of a classroom, a teacher should be empowered to teach individuals by encouraging the freedom of expression to question and solve problems. Creating an atmosphere to exchange ideas and information, whether it is through verbal or nonverbal means, is a means in which the educational process begins.


I have done graduate work at all the following schools: Ball State University, Butler University, IUPUI, and Syracuse University. In addition, I received my Bachelor’s of Art in Education and Language Arts from Avila University.


I was a part-time teacher in the first half of 2013, teaching students online. From 2007-2010, I was a part-time teacher/tutor with a local enrichment society. During 2008, I briefly worked as an adjunct for advanced students in a high school. I have also been a Jr/Sr High School teacher and speech coach.


I have directed numerous stage plays and musicals for junior high and high school, both in the public schools and with home school students. I was also a Speech and Debate Coach with the Wooster City Schools in Ohio for high school students. Students competed in state, regional, and national competitions with the National Forensics League.

For over 9 years I organized and worked with home school students and their families in presenting talent shows and music recitals to several nursing and assisted living facilities for the senior population in the local area around northeast Indianapolis.