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Jamieson M

Math, Science, English, Social Studies Tutor

University of Winnipeg

Majors: Education, Geography

Minors: History

Other Certificates: Teaching Certification: Winnipeg, Ontario

About Me



I believe in balancing two key structures towards education when it comes to my personal philosophy: determination and strong work ethic, alongside a motivation to learn that is fun and engaging. I believe in organizing a meaningful, memorable and relevant educational program – providing the student something that helps achieve their learning goals, but delivered in a fashion that they will never forget – something fun, and practical.

All students should have equal access to education, because it is the single greatest tool that opens an infinite number of doors to them. It is my wish to inspire strong habits in study, but also to encourage exploration outside of the classroom when the lesson is over.


I was educated at the University of Winnipeg, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. During my 5-year program, I earned two degrees; one in Education with a specialization in Senior Years (Grades 9-12); and the other in Arts with a focus on Geography and History.

Throughout those five years, I taught at many schools throughout the city of Winnipeg as part of my practicum training – this also included a trip to Guangzhou, China, where I completed my final practicum test overseas. I graduated in 2009, with a final calculated GPA of 3.59.


I began my educational career as a substitute/occasional teacher. My duties involved covering a wide range of subjects, grade levels and also English/French assignments. I also have teaching experience as a full time teacher in the classroom teaching subjects such as math, history, geography and some basic technology courses.


During my tenure, I volunteered frequently for various in-school events as an assistant – including working in the school kitchen, setting up audio/visual for presentations and dances, etc. While Volleyball season was in full swing every year, I would often serve as referee/line judge for the teams. I was also responsible for setting up a lunch-hour Chess Club, and a drop-in class for Guitar in later years. During 2011 and 2012, I also organized the annual Baibombeh Science Fair, open to all Grade 1-12 classes for a wide array of projects.
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