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Julia B

Math, English, Languages, Elementary Education Tutor

Queen’s University

Majors: Economics

About Me



I love to help others learn and succeed with their goals! I believe there are so many things in the world to get excited about and we can only ever really scratch the surface of how much there is to learn! I would love to be able to help others grow as a student and develop the skills necessary to succeed in their future endeavours.


I have attended many schools around Toronto and have a strong interest in business and math. I currently am enrolled at Queen’s University and am entering my third year as an Applied Economics Major. I have been to a variety of schools and have experienced many different teaching and learning techniques that can be applied to many different types of learners.


I worked as a YMCA Camp Counsellor for many years and have learned how to teach not only basic skills (camping, canoeing, music) but also communication, problem solving and cooperation.


I was the captain of both my middle school and high school soccer teams, have participated in many dance and figure skating shows and recently at Queen’s have been involved in Inner-tube water polo. I frequently play guitar and piano and love to be around kids.