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Julia S

English, Languages Tutor

Western Washington University

Majors: French; English

About Me



I believe that inspiring interest in students is the most direct way to educate, finding the most helpful route to learning through individualized programs and explanations. Each learner is different and processes things in a unique way, which is the challenge for educators to find a common language, so to speak, in order to help students learn. An ideal learning environment creates a partnership between educator and learner, letting the two build off of each other and develop. Education is a two-way street.


I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Arts from Western Washington University in French and English: Creative Writing, giving me a diverse background to draw on. My liberal arts education gave me the opportunity to pursue math and science alongside arts and languages, letting me explore the world and expand my knowledge from a broad perspective. I value a wide range of subjects and got the most out of collaborative projects and workshops where ideas could circulate freely. The balance between various fields let me see the world in a different way, jolting me out of any mental ruts.


I worked as an English Teaching Assistant in a French high school for a school year, working to engage students to speak English. I took groups of 2 to 12 students into a classroom, where I worked with them apart from their main teacher and managed the room effectively with lesson plans that I built from scratch. Learning to explain concepts around a language barrier was one of my biggest challenges, which I achieved only by working with my students. I have also spent time volunteering in a French classroom in the United States, fostering conversation and working on grammar.


As a student, I was involved in music and theater, along with sports. I participated in school musicals and sang in choir while taking voice lessons outside of school. I also played recreational soccer for ten years. Now, I volunteer at the area animal shelter and as an editor for Kiva.org, editing loan profiles for entrepreneurs seeking funding to expand their businesses.
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