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Laura D

Math, English, Social Studies, Geography Tutor

West Virginia University

Majors: Elementary Education

Minors: Special Education

About Me



I have a very strong desire to improve the lives of children through education. I believe that all children deserve access to quality education. I am dedicated to uncovering the unique learning styles of children and devising meaningful learning experiences to assure success.


I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and another Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education. I am a certified teacher in the state of Virginia.


Twenty-nine years of experience has prepared me with a deep understanding of educational practices, facilitation of learning, curriculum standards and relevant reform issues. Over the years, my success as classroom teacher has earned recognition and has allowed opportunities to serve in numerous leadership and committee positions.

I have thirty years of teaching experience and have worked in many capacities. My experience includes work with special needs students, and all elementary grades. I am skilled in all subject areas.


I am an active member of my community and work for several charitable organizations. I have developed programs designed for youth and provide leadership in helping young people give back to their communities.