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Linda S

Math, Science, English, Geography Tutor

Wayne State University

Majors: Geography (Social Studies)

Minors: Combined Science

About Me



I firmly believe that all students can learn regardless of the differences in the way students learn. When I add patience and creativity into their lesson, it increases their learning. They also gain self-confidence and retain what they have learned when they can pass this knowledge on to others, so always let them teach you what they have learned.


I went to school to be a Biologist, but I started studying deer populations and the relationship of geography on the population, which inspired me to become a geographer (Urban Planner) instead, I went on and got my Master’s in Geography. I had always been interested in teaching, when I moved back to Detroit I started subbing in the school district, loved teaching and became certified teacher at Wayne State University.


I have ten years of teaching experience in the classroom. I have worked with high school students as well as elementary students. I have worked in classroom environment as well as one on one.


I like reading (Science Fiction), or anything that has information about new Technology. I also love writing, I am now working on a children’s book and working on the genealogy of our family. I enjoy going to the movies, travelling, arts and crafts, and beading. I have 2 cats and 4 week old male black cat that was just left on the street.
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