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Lori J

English, Languages Tutor

University of Waterloo

Majors: Liberal Studies

About Me



I believe that learning is a vital part of our innate ability as humans to thrive and to succeed. It is important to always strive to be your best and set your goals high by believing in yourself. Having a passion for your goal aligned with your purpose will help you succeed beyond your dreams. I have learned from my university courses that it is important to match one’s primary learning style with one’s study habits and strategies in a positive environment for optimum success. Learning and education is like the breath of life. People are like plants — in order to grow not just physically but spiritually, we need to learn and challenge ourselves to greater heights each day by helping others attain their goals.


An administrative, accounting and customer service professional who has worked in various industries such as manufacturing, material handling, property management, and retail with a diverse educational background. I possess a BA (Liberal Studies) with concentrations in English, Religion, and Social Sciences. I also have a certificate in Human Resources Management and am a CHRP candidate.


My particular background and skill set will allow me to assist students of various ages in a wide array of subjects from English to French to Social Studies and to confidently assist their academic goals and help improve their grades. My background also consists of a certificate as an Educational Assistant and experience in effectively assisting children in the primary/junior levels in the classroom.


I enjoy working out, higher learning, reading philosophy and theology, watching comedies and movies, walking, and playing tennis.
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