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Marija M

English Tutor

Wayne State University

Majors: Theatre and Film

Other Certificates: TEFL certified

About Me



I believe that as a teacher, I should be able to: deliver concisely, be fun, creative, engaging and love what I am doing. That’s all it takes to be effective. I use warm ups to get students involved in the material. Once they are engaged, I get to the point of the lesson. Afterwards, we do exercises and in the end we switch roles (the student teaches me what they’ve learned). That’s the routine I was taught to do in my TEFL class and it worked very well.


I have an artistic background in writing, art, theatre and films. I received my B.A in Theatre and B.A in Film Production from Wayne State University. After volunteering as a language exchange teacher with a successful partner, I decided that the TEFL was a good idea. That program helped me expand my knowledge and experience in teaching. It also allowed me to utilize my talent in the languages.


I have taught ESL through Skype for a year and a half and I have taught film in class, as well as tutored college students for film editing when I was in college. I’ve always wanted to teach and tutor.


I am helping artists through fundraisers to accomplish their projects while doing a project on my own. I am a contributor for The Spread Magazine by CinemaJam. My poems have been published in many journals in the UK, Canada, US and recently, in the Arabic journal Circassian Voices. I love to work and do so tirelessly.
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