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Maurina B

Math, Science, English, Languages Tutor

Ohio State University

Majors: Spanish

Minors: Biology

About Me



I believe that practice is the best way to solidify concepts. My teaching style encourages students to approach a problem with confidence and think logically until they derive the correct answer. Although education can bring many challenges, a positive attitude and determination will see you through.


I studied Spanish and Biology at the Ohio State University and received my Bachelor of Arts in May of 2013. When I was fourteen years old, I began taking classes at my local community college. The credits I earned there allowed me to complete my undergraduate career at the age of 20.

During the summer of my senior year at Ohio State, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Spain for an entire summer to increase my Spanish language skills. While in Europe, I traveled to Italy, France and was even able to experience London, England, during the 2012 Olympic Games.


I have always enjoyed helping my peers and classmates understand confusing topics. Throughout college, I have learned how to explain complicated topics to others in a clear and concise manner. My professors always told me the best way to prove whether or not you understand something is to teach it to someone else.


I dibble and dabble in just about everything. From freelance photography to jazz piano, my life is full of ways for me to express my creativity. Even though I love to keep busy, a perfect day for me is just tanning on the beach with a good book in one hand and a lemonade in the other. I love to travel and just enjoy life.