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Monica B

Math Tutor

University of Alberta

Majors: Science, Math

Minors: Special Needs

Other Certificates: M.A. Educational Leadership

About Me



Teaching and learning is a symbiotic relationship; both teacher and student must mutually benefit in order for sustainable progress to ensue. Teachers must personalize each lesson and relate it to the students context.

My definition for excellence is putting in time you did not think you had, putting in the energy you did not think possible, putting in the effort you did not think existed within you, to achieve what you thought you was not possible.


I graduated from the University of Alberta with my Bachelor’s Degree in Science, Math, and Special Needs and Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and School Improvement. I have worked as a full-time secondary teacher for ten years at a private Christian school, four of which I was also the principal.


I have experience both teaching in the classroom and tutoring over the last 10 years.


I go fishing almost every weekend (summer and winter) with my husband and golden lab. I also enjoy reading distopian novels, walking my dog every morning, cross-stitching, knitting, and crocheting. I also play baseball and outdoor soccer for our local community league.