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Nikitha G

English, ACT, SAT, Social Studies Tutor

University of British Columbia

Majors: Sociology

Minors: Economics

Other Certificates: IELTS Certification

About Me



I believe that every individual deserves an education. Equal access to education is crucial in today’s world and I hope to work towards achieving this goal. I also believe in following an educational path that one is passionate about because I believe that if you care about and/or love something, you will be successful when doing it.


I have studied in 3 different countries: Australia, India and Canada. I moved to India after grade 7 and completed the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma. I came to Vancouver, Canada for my Bachelor of Arts.


Although I do not have any formal teaching experience, I have taken on various roles that provide me with the personality and skills necessary for this job. As a anti-discrimination response training workshop facilitator, I conducted workshops for high school and university students focused on intervening during incidents of discrimination. This required communicating crucial information in an effective and suitable manner.


My extracurricular participation is extremely diverse. I have experience in communications and promotions, social media, non-profit management, event management, workshop facilitation, and writing and editing articles for a sustainability magazine. These multiple positions have provided me with a broad range of skills and a strong work ethic.


I received a score of 2000 on my SAT exam and scored in the 93rd percentile for my LSAT exam.
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