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Piumi R

Math, Science, English, Elementary Education Tutor

University of Toronto

Majors: Biology, Psychology

About Me



My educational philosophy is that each child/student is different and has different needs. I focus on targeting key areas of strength and weaknesses that each child/student has and aim to provide a highly customized learning experience. The ultimate goal is not only to help the young individual succeed academically but also to improve their sense of self-efficacy and confidence.


During my high school education, I was enrolled in several advanced math and science courses – advanced functions, calculus, biology, chemistry etc. I performed extremely well in them and graduated with an A+ average. As of now, I have an Honors Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and Psychology. I have done extremely well in most of my undergraduate courses. I graduated with High Distinction among only 92 others at University of Toronto, Mississauga.


During my high school education I was a peer tutor and have taught advanced math and science subjects. As an undergraduate student I have taken part in many group study sessions and peer-tutoring. Recently, I worked as a teaching assistant at a learning institution for young children. My duties were to provide one-on-one instruction in Math and English (reading and writing) to children in Grades 1-3.

Currently I work as a language coach for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. This involves creating customized lesson plans and teaching written and spoken English, at each child’s level.


In my spare time I love to draw and paint. I make pencil portraits for friends and family. Recently I have started making portraits in acrylic paint. I also run a Facebook page called “Let’s Talk UTM” for undergraduate students at UTM to share their emotional problems. Myself and a few other mentors provide advice and feedback to students who talk to us about things that are troubling them.