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Rebecca P

English, ACT, SAT Tutor

Boston College

Majors: English Literature

Minors: Writing

Other Certificates: M.A., English Literature; TESOL Certification

About Me



Students need warmth, engagement and humor as much as they need an organized teacher who knows her stuff. I aim to strike a balance between solid, scaffolded curriculum and a light-hearted, caring approach to teaching. I think there is a lot of unexplored potential for a more interdisciplinary approach to teaching English and Language Arts than what is normally used, and as a lifelong learner who is interested in many different subjects and types of knowledge, I try to meet students where they are and address what interests them.


I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Honours English Literature and Writing. I also have a Masters Degree in English Literature. I have my TESOL Certification.


I have taught K-12 Reading and Writing, plus college-level Writing and Research. I have also tutored and supervised tutors during that time. I have worked as a student tutor in a Writing Center.


I am a fine artist with my own pen and ink house portrait business, and I enjoy doing things for others who are less fortunate. For instance, I knit for the Warm Hands Network and assembled winter outerwear care packages this past winter for needy women.
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