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Rolando O

Math, Languages, ACT, SAT Tutor

University of Texas Pan American

Majors: Mathematics

Minors: Spanish

Other Certificates: M.S.: Statistics

About Me



The most fundamental goal of a teacher is to foster learning. Therefore, my philosophy of teaching is founded on my strong desire to share my passion for mathematics and statistics with those who are interested in the field and to create a passion in mathematics and statistics for those students who are not interest in the field. As an educator, I need to be aware of learning, behavior, motivation and development theories in order to relate to my students and to engaged my students to achieve their full potential.


As a graduate student at Texas A&M University in College Station, TX pursuing a Master in statistics. I passed my qualifying exams in August 2012 and started doing research in biostatistics and bioinformatics in next generation sequencing at MD Anderson.
In my first year at Texas A&M, I took the Master core courses, and worked as a volunteer Technology Teaching Assistant (TTA). In August 2012, I got employed as a part-time TTA. As a TTA I recorded several on-campus lectures each week with Camtasia Studio and edit and post them online for distance students; setup interactive questions and answers sessions in virtual classrooms.
As an undergraduate majoring in mathematics at the University of Texas Pan American, Edinburg TX, I developed quantitative and mathematical modeling skills. As an undergraduate student, I took graduate computer science courses which enabled me to improve my programming.


During my years of teaching and tutoring, I’ve learned that nothing should be thought of as obvious because obvious for one student might not be obvious for another. Some of my favorite teaching and tutoring experiences is an interaction and discussion component set in the classroom.
I was a tutor for many years and I was a math teacher for a year. During these years of experiences, I have learned to be patient because each student learns in his or her own unique way. It takes a creative instructor to motivate and educate a student. As a teacher, I try to illustrate key ideas by real life examples because I believe that sometimes this is the best way to comprehend and grasp new information. I think that a professor must always try to be a good example and role model for their students.


I have done research in biostatistics and bioinformatics in next generation sequencing at MD Anderson. I developed a statistical model to identify which genes associate with brain cancer. I love spending time with my 2 year old son and taking him to the zoo and aquarium.
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