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Sara Z

Math, English, ACT, Homework Help Tutor

Western University

Majors: Mathematics, Statistics

Other Certificates: M.Sc.:Statistical Financial Modelling; B.A.: Finance

About Me



Before I tutor students, I would thoroughly review the textbook and practice to make sure a more meaningful and efficient tutor time with students. I would adjust my tutoring method, speed and content to students’ needs. Also, I am willing to build a long-term good friends relationship with students.


I currently have a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from the Shandong Institute of Business and Technology and a Master’s Degree in Statistical Financial Modelling from Western University. My major is mathematics and statistics. I have got a masters degree in this field and am applying for a Doctorate. Some of my undergraduates math scores are 100% and all undergrads and masters math courses are above 90%.


I have experience giving undergraduates tutorials at Western University and tutoring math courses for all high school levels. They are long commitment for at least 6 months. After the tutoring, all students have achieved their academic goals.


I like doing exercise with my friends, especially yoga and jogging. Also, I use my spare time to do some community volunteer work, including facilitating the donation campaign and help the elders.