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Sarah B

English, Languages, Homework Help, Study Skills Tutor

Concordia University

Majors: English, Writing

Other Certificates: M.A., English

About Me



In order to instill critical thinking and open-mindedness in students, I believe a learning environment must be a safe place for students to share ideas, enact a variety and flow of learning strategies, and allow for innovative and thoughtful assignments. With both a creative writing background and a humanities background, I benefit from having experienced diverse approaches to understanding and practicing the writing process. My goal is to impart my passion for writing and language to others and, in the process, foster objectivity, imagination, and analytical, intelligent thinking.


I completed a Masters Degree in English at a university in Montreal, and prior to that an Honours Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Victoria.


On top of being a tutor, I taught a composition course during my Masters degree that is designed to improve student writing by taking students methodically through three types of the essay writing process and a book report.

In addition to writing skills, I emphasize grammar proficiency and reading as crucial to the students’ development as strong writers. Students were required to write essays in class and revise them at home while receiving extensive feedback between drafts.


During my undergraduate degree, I made a living by mentoring teenagers. I have strong people skills and love encouraging students to live up to their potential. Now, I am working as an ESL instructor in Quebec and freelancing as an editor.