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Sarah O

Science, English, Languages, Homework Help Tutor

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Majors: Biology

Other Certificates: Marine Option Program

About Me



My educational philosophy is that any child can learn anything if it is taught the right way. It’s a matter of connecting with the student to find what ways they learn best, and using those ways to help the child develop their understanding of each individual subject they are being taught. No child is alike, therefore no one teaching style is appropriate. Teachers must be adaptable to their students.


I studied 4 years of biological related sciences included marine biology, anatomy, physiology, zoology, botany,basic chemistry, and basic physics. I also spent 4 years in various positions teaching community outreach and conducting experiments to teach basic scientific concepts to groups of all ages and backgrounds. I have experience in english and math as well.


I have experience in community education, teaching groups basic scientific concepts as well as history on a two hour walking tour. I also have experience working with students on overnight educational retreats. Lastly, I have experience tutoring students in high school biology and chemistry.


My extracurricular activities include playing the trumpet, reading, and exploring the world including historical and scientific museums/ monuments. I also enjoy traveling to new places, and spending time with my family.