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Sophia M

Science, English, Languages Tutor

McMaster University

Majors: Health Sciences

Minors: French

About Me



In order to enjoy and benefit from the experience as much as possible, students need to be active participants in their own learning. They should be encouraged to explore new things and discover what really interests them. It is important for students to make connections between new material and things they have previously learned, and to look for discrepancies. This is best achieved with a teacher who is patient, nonjudgmental, and encouraging.


I was in the Bachelor of Health Sciences program at McMaster University in Canada. This program helped me learn how to direct my own learning and set goals. I particularly enjoyed courses in microbiology and immunology. I also completed a minor in French, studying grammar, translation, and literature.


In high school I often tutored other students in a variety of subjects. I also taught kids about horses at a summer camp. I volunteered with a literacy group in university, helping high school students understand and complete their homework. Most recently, I spent a year in France teaching ESL.


At university I was on the fencing team, using both foil and sabre. I play the violin. I’ve recently taken up swing dancing. I also enjoy reading in both French and English.


I achieved a score of 32R (10/10/12) on the MCAT in 2012. My highest scoring section was Verbal Reasoning (12).
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