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Stephanie R

Math, English Tutor

Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

Majors: Secondary English Education

Minors: English

Other Certificates: MA in English Education from Edinboro University and a MA in English from Southern New Hampshire University

About Me



A Chinese proverb states, “Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand”. This simple statement speaks volumes about how people learn and how teachers should react to this learning. Learning is not merely memorizing facts or passing tests, but it is synthesizing and applying information.

Blooms Taxonomy suggests knowledge is the least crucial of the learning objectives. What is more important, is to be able to understand information, apply it to other areas, analyze and break down information, evaluate information, and use this information to create something new. To me, learning has taken place when an individual does more with the information than simply recalling it.


I received an Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary English Education from Edinboro University. I went on to obtain a Master’s Degree in English Education from Edinboro and am now completing the necessary classes to receive a Master’s in English from Southern New Hampshire University before enrolling in a PhD program in English Literature.


I have prior experiencing in teaching adult education and GED classes that included math and English, as well as tutoring high school students in English.


I have experience with Americorps, where I worked as a volunteer tutor working with high school students.