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Stephanie T

Math, Science Tutor

University of Calgary

Majors: Biological Science

About Me



I believe that how one is exposed to different educational topics can have a huge impact on whether or not they enjoy learning about them. I feel that patience and positive reinforcement are important and that an engaging learning experience will make a topic more interesting, resulting in a rewarding experience and better retention of the material.


I have always enjoyed learning, and took several AP (Advanced placement) classes during High school, including English, Math, Chemistry, and Physics. During my Undergraduate degree I branched out into a wide array of Biological Topics, including zoology, botany, ecology, and cellular, molecular and microbial biology. The majority of my courses and my primary interests relate to ecology. I also took some general chemistry and organic chemistry.


Even as early as Elementary School, I have always enjoyed helping my friends and peers to better understand topics with which they struggled. In High school I participated in a peer tutoring program during my lunch breaks and in University I found that teaching a topic or concept to a friend was the most enjoyable and effective way for me to review for exams as it really helped to imprint topics into my long-term memory.


Horseback riding is something I am very passionate about and has been my primary extracurricular activity since I started riding at age 6. I currently own a horse which I adopted from a rescue shelter. I have been working with him to build up his trust as well as training him. We were able to compete in our first show together this summer, and I hope to continue to advance to higher levels with him in the coming years. In addition to horseback riding, I also enjoy playing video games in my spare time.