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Suzan B

Math, Science Tutor

Carleton University

Majors: Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering

Other Certificates: M.A., Applied Science in Biomedical Engineering; Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering

About Me



Teaching is an art; as a teacher you have to be adaptable and able to find creative ways to connect with students. I truly believe that the output you get from students is tied tightly to the input they get from teachers. I highly advocate interactive teaching and keeping things light in the classroom- I find this results in more students approaching me for help.


I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering in 2012. I am currently in the process of fast-tracking from a Masters of Applied Science in Biomedical Engineering to a Doctorate of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Biomedical Engineering.


I have been a teaching assistant for Carleton University since 2011. During my undergraduate degree I taught in the Departments of Mathematics and Languages and Linguistics. In my graduate degree I have been teaching various engineering courses.


I have been involved in various mentoring programs, such as the Self Assessment for Engineering program and Paul Menton Center for students with disabilities. I have also volunteered at various hospitals to help patients with their rehabilitation post stroke. In addition, I was recently vice presidents of Engineers in Medicine and Biology Society at Carleton.