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Suzanne B

English Tutor

Utah State University

Majors: English

Minors: Technical Communications

About Me



I believe that education is important for success in the professional world and the real world. I believe that education can be attained both in the classroom and outside of the classroom through work and life experiences. I believe that a person only gets what they give. If a student is willing to devote themselves 100%, then they are capable of receiving 100%. I believe that education is a life-long process and we should always be curious and engaged in learning.


I received my associate’s degree in English from Ricks College in 1997. I highly recommend this strategy in college education. Making the transition from high school to a community college is much more effective in creating a prepared and well-rounded student for the university environment. I received my bachelor’s degree in English from Utah State University in 1999 with an emphasis in technical communications. I have worked as a technical writer for over ten years.


I have taught English at the collegiate level for the past three years at Illinois Valley Community College. I taught developmental English, or basic composition for students who did not place into college English. I also tutored students in the campus writing center for three years. I can help with any stage of the writing process including brainstorming and organization, rough drafts, revisions, and final drafts. I am familiar with different writing styles including MLA, APA, and Chicago style. I have experience working with a diverse student population as well.


I am a wife and mother of three daughters, and am currently looking for part-time work in the Midland area. My family and I recently moved here from the Illinois valley. I am happy to be back in Michigan, where I grew up, so that we can be closer to family and friends. I look forward to the summer months when we can spend time enjoying the wonderful beaches and outdoors of Michigan.
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